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Good morning!

This place has been dedicated to the Teacher of all times, the Spiritual Father of all, the Doctor of the Soul – ShivBaba.

You might have happened to ask questions such as, ‘Actually who am I?’, ‘Why was I born here’, ‘Why is this world as it is?’, ‘Why is there so much sorrow?’, ‘Why do people seem to become worse and worse?’, ‘Where are we heading to running faster and faster?’… and many other questions. Every path, every school, every religion and system give different answers to these questions. What is the truth in this jungle of opinions and thoughts. There are so many paths, so are all of them true or maybe some chosen ones?

If even the weakest desire to know the true self and the true history of the world is kindling in you, look at what ShivBaba teaches.  Being free from the bondage of a human religion or system, free from all the influence, unselfish, impartial ShivBaba comes here once a cycle and tells people their true story

What is the risk? Few minutes to go through pages containing the essence of what ShivBaba wants to communicate to all the people of the world. If you like to know more the door to the ocean of knowledge is open to the extent you will want to open it.     The Invitation to Knowledge

Download:     The Pillars of Knowledge


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