Sunrise in London – dedicated to ShivBaba who is the Sun of Knowledge

The site presents ShivBaba's Message and Knowledge in a simple and concise way. It contains links to the main website and sites in other languages.

The New Knowledge for the New World

The Father comes and narrates the New Knowledge.  The  new world can be established only if there is new knowledge. If people carry on the same old discussions about scriptures, the world will grow old. The human beings living in an old world can not narrate the new knowledge for the new world. You have to come to know the Father – he is the one who creates the gathering of the new world.

The Basic Knowledge

It is the knowledge about the soul and the Supreme Soul and the cycle of the world narrated in the form of murli till 1969 by the Supreme Father Supreme Soul Shiva playing the role of the Great Mother through the body of Brahma Baba (Dada Lekhraj).

The Advanced Knowledge

A deeper level of the divine knowledge narrated since 1976 by Shiva playing the role of the Father, Teacher and Supreme Guru through the body of Prajapita, the father of humanity. The soul studying on this level can understand who are the mother and the father of the world, who play the role of Brahma, Shankar, Vishnu and know all its births in the cycle.

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