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Raja Yoga

Raja yoga is the yoga that creates kings. After passing through many births the human souls have become entrapped in body consciousness and engaged themselves in the physical yoga. However, no one will attain the everlasting happiness and peace through physical exercises, fasting, mortifications, rituals or blind faith. The path to the true happiness and peace that is to liberation in life leads through rediscovering the real self, meaning through regaining the awareness, ‘I am a soul acting through the body, the soul that is a king of the body, not its slave.’

The Supreme Spirituals Father Shiva teaches that the way to achieve that stage is not the practice of yoga as it is understood nowadays, but the practice of remembering the Supreme in His real form. This practice is easy, natural and constant, but yoga involves some kind of effort. The Supreme Father is constantly in the incorporeal stage, even  while being in a body. It means that he is always soul conscious; that is why he is beyond all the influence. When we experience that we are not these bodies consisting of 5 elements, but  imperishable souls, we will become incorporeal and achieve the stage of constant peace and happiness.

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