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Spiritual University

The Spiritual University of God the Father (AIVV) is a school established by ShivBaba in order to communicate the Message and the True Knowledge about man, God and the world history to all the people around the world. ShivBaba is the spiritual Father and the teachers of this school, the others are students. Below, there is a short presentation of how the school was established and what ShivBaba teaches.

God has declared in the Shrimad Bhagawad Gita: ‘Whenever there is the degradation of the religions in the world, I come to earth to punish the evil ones and to protect the good ones’[1]. So think, hasn’t the condition of the world deteriorated to the extent that God’s incarnation on earth has become necessary? Fire is burning everywhere in the world. Somewhere it is the fire of lust and somewhere it is the fire of anger. Somewhere man is destroying nature and somewhere else nature is destroying man. Will the world continue to degrade like this? Is its transformation possible?

Yes, it is possible, but not through the sinful human beings. It is possible through the One who purifies the sinful ones[2], through the one who is always benevolent[3] through the Supreme Father Supreme Soul God Shiva, who is divinely incarnated in the land of Bharat in order to transform this hell into heaven. Since 1936-37, anonymously in an ordinary human body, he has been undertaking the task of the world transformation. It is described in the Gita: “Ignorant people cannot recognize the Supreme Soul who comes into an ordinary body.”[4] Because of passing through 84 births, all the human beings have become sinful and vicious. Their intellects and minds have become like stone as the result of using them for the mortal body made of earth. It is described in the Gita: “Shri Krishna, in order to show Arjuna his cosmic form, granted him the divine vision”. But it is neither the question of that Arjuna alone, nor is it the question of Shri Krishna sitting in his chariot and narrating 18 chapters of the Gita in Sanskrit. Actually, the incorporeal point of light Shiva[5], the Father of all the souls, sits in a human body-like chariot and explains the secret of the beginning, middle and end of the world, teaches the godly knowledge and raja yoga to the Arjuna-like souls, meaning the ones who make efforts[6]. All of us have the right to His inheritance of knowledge and eternal peace and happiness[7]. God Himself has come to earth to bestow this inheritance upon us.

The task of the Supreme Soul began in 1936-37 year in Hyderabad, a city in Sindh, which before the partition of India in 1948 was a province of today’s Pakistan. The Supreme Soul Shiva brought visions of the four-armed Vishnu to Dada Lekhraj, a famous diamond merchant. Because Dada Lekhraj could not understand the meanings of the divine visions, he approached his gurus for clarifications. But how could the bodily gurus understand the play of God? Then he approached the famous scholars (Hindu pundits) of Varanasi to find the answer. But he met with disappointment there too. In Varanasi, he continued to have visions. Dada Lekhraj used to draw pictures of those visions on the walls situated on the banks of the Ganges. Since nobody could solve his problem, he remembered his business partner, Sevakram. Being impressed by the loyalty and honesty of that person, Dada Lekhraj entrusted him with the responsibility of his diamond shop in Calcutta.

So, Dada Lekhraj went to Calcutta, but he couldn’t speak about his visions directly to his partner. He spoke about them to his partner’s wife and she in turn spoke to another mother, who was good at listening, speaking and narrating (reporting what was said to her). Later on, when that mother, who was good in at listening, speaking and narrating, spoke about them (those visions) to Dada Lekraj’s partner (Prajapita), the Supreme Father Supreme Soul Shiva point of light entered simultaneously in that mother and Prajapita. Through the mother who was good in listening, speaking and narrating, he laid the foundation of the path of devotion and through Prajapita, Dada Lekraj’s partner, he laid the foundation of sowing the seed of understanding and explaining, meaning the path of knowledge. After some time, Dada Lekhraj recognized that in the present birth he will play the role of Brahma and in the coming Golden Age he will play the role of Krishna, the first prince. In a similar way, the virgin Om Radhe became certain about her part as Saraswati in the present birth and the part of the first princess, Radha, in the coming Golden Age. Actually, these Brahma and Saraswati were just holding the titles of Brahma-Saraswati. In reality, Dada Lekhraj’s partner was Prajapita Brahma and the second mother was Jagadamba, the mother of the world.

The spiritual family established by God Himself moved back to Hyderabad in Sindh and later on, from Hyderabad to Karachi. Over there, for a few years, Dada Lekhraj’s partner and two mothers played the roles of the corporeal media of God Shiva; later on they died. The entire responsibility of the divine work fall on the shoulders of Dada Lekhraj Brahma, who, as soon as he recognized the Father, surrendered his mind, body and wealth to God. Consequently, the Supreme Soul continued the task of the world transformation through the body of Dada Lekhraj. Meanwhile, the spiritual family, which initially was called Om Mandali, was transferred to Mount Abu in Rajasthan and became known as Prajapita Brahma Ishwariya Vishva Vidyalaya.

From there, the teaching of spiritual knowledge and meditation (the raja yoga) imparted by God started spreading all over the country and abroad. The Supreme Soul Shiva through Dada Lekhraj narrated the primary or basic knowledge about the soul, the Supreme Soul and the beginning, middle and end of the world. First of all, he taught that we are not this physical bodies made of the five elements, earth, water, air, fire and sky; actually we are very subtle points of light, meaning we are souls. Just like a driver is needed to drive a car, similarly a driver like soul is needed to run this car like body. The soul consists of the mind, intellect and imprints (of the past experiences, forming the personality)[8]. The soul is eternal, immortal and indestructible; but the body is perishable. Another thing, if we sow a mango seed, a mango tree will grow from it and it will produce only mango fruits. Similarly, the human soul takes rebirth only in the form of a human being and doesn’t go into other species. Just as we are star-like souls, similarly our eternal father, the Supreme Soul Shiv, is also a star-like soul; but he is the Supreme Soul i.e. he is infinite in every virtue and power. We souls sometimes become pure and sometimes impure; but he is ever pure and that is why his true name is Shiva. ‘Shiva’ means benevolent[9]. He is also called ‘Sada Shiva’, because he is always benevolent. The Supreme Soul isn’t omnipresent[10]. Neither he takes birth through a mother’s womb nor does He incarnate in animals. He enters into the bodies of the three most elevated human souls and performs the task of establishment, destruction and sustenance[11]. Therefore, he is also called the Trimurti Shiva. In the scriptures, Shiva and Shankar were combined; but the incorporeal Shiva is different from the corporeal Mahadeva Shankar. The Supreme Soul Shiva and we souls are the dwellers of the Soul World[12], which is situated beyond the universe containing the sun, the moon, and the stars. We souls descend from there to the stage-like world, acquire these dress-like bodies and enact the drama. This is the 5000-year drama in which the human souls take maximum 84 births. There are four scenes, meaning four ages of this drama. Each of them lasts for 1250 years. Among them, the Golden Age and the Silver Age are called heaven; the Copper Age and the Iron Age are called hell.[13]

The human souls living in heaven established about 5000 years ago were deities, because being soul conscious they were completely virtuous and pure. There was only one kingdom, one language, one religion, the Ancient Deity Religion. As they were pure and happy, they didn’t need to remember God. Sorrow and restlessness begin in the Copper Age, when the human souls begin to consider themselves as bodies. Therefore, the deities, who since then are called Hindus, build temples, worship Shiva lingams and idols of deities. Souls of various religious fathers arrive from the Soul World and establish their respective religions. The establishment of Islam by Abraham and Christianity by Jesus Christ take place in the Copper Age. Numerous religions and sects are also established in the Iron Age. At the end of the drama all the human beings become completely vicious, corrupt and degraded[14]. Then the Supreme Soul Shiva himself enters the body of Prajapita Brahma to purify the impure souls and teach the godly knowledge and raja yoga. The period of the divine incarnation of the Supreme Soul Shiva, which began in 1936-37, is called the Confluence Age[15], i.e. the confluence of the end of the Iron Age and the beginning of the Golden Age. During this period, the human souls destroy the five vices: lust, anger, greed, attachment and ego, and are endowed with all powers once again.

The spiritual task of the Supreme Soul was going on through Dada Lekhraj in Mount Abu till January 18th 1969, when Dada Lekhraj died suddenly. Until now his soul enters the body of Dadi Gulzar from the Brahma Kumaris organization and narrates the avyakt vanis. Nevertheless, the unlimited task of God, the task of the world transformation, cannot stop. In 1969 God entered again, into his chosen and permanent chariot, meaning, the body of the one who was Dada Lekhraj’s partner, in his following birth. The revelation of this chariot took place in 1976 among the seekers of knowledge in the Brahma Kumari organization in Delhi. During the first years after 1976 this task of God was going on anonymously; later on, since 1982, it has been going on in the revealed form of Kalankidhar from Kampila, situated in the Farrukhabad District of Uttar Pradesh.

Actually Kampila, an ancient, dilapidated small village, which today has been erased from the memory of the mankind, is a very important village from the historical and mythological point of view. During the period of the Mahabharata epic, Kampila was the capital of the kingdom Panchal. It is believed that Draupadi, the daughter of Drupad, the king of Panchal, was born in Kampila. The sacrificial hearth[16] of knowledge, where as it is believed Draupadi was born, is preserved in Kampila till today. Near the sacrificial hearth, on a hillock, there is a hermitage, where the sage Kapil used to perform his ascetic practice[17]. Two famous pilgrimage centers of the Jain religion i.e. the Digambar Jain temple, dedicated to Vimalnath Swamiji, the 13th Tirthankar of the Jains and the Shwetambar Jain temple are also situated in Kampila. Apart from these, there are also many other old temples which prove the historical and religious importance of Kampila. Perhaps, that is why God has chosen Kampila for his secret task of the world transformation. Since 1976, through his chosen chariot Shankar revealed in Kampila, the Supreme Father Shiva has been clarifying the deep intrinsic meanings of the murlis (the flute of knowledge) narrated by Him through Dada Lekhraj in Mount Abu between 1951 and 1969.The Supreme Father Shiva through his chosen chariot also clarifies the four pictures containing the secrets of the beginning, middle and end of the world, which he prepared through Dada Lekhraj.

For example, in the picture of the Trimurti Shiva, Brahma, Vishnu and Shankar are depicted along with the luminous point of light Shiv. Although in this picture, Vishnu and Shankar look the same as they are described in the Indian mythological scriptures, the picture of Brahma was replaced by the picture of Dada Lekhraj. The Brahma Kumaris organization explains that the Supreme Soul Shiva started the task of establishment of the new world through Dada Lekhraj, so he was shown in the place of Brahma, but they don’t know through which human soul the Supreme Soul will perform the task of the destruction of the devilish world and the task of the sustenance of the coming deity world. Through the chosen chariot of the incorporeal Shiva, it has been clarified who are the human souls through whom the Supreme Soul plays the roles of establishment, destruction and sustenance, i.e. who play the roles of Brahma, Shankar and Vishnu respectively; who are the Mother and Father of the entire world through whom the Supreme Father Shiva gives the inheritance of eternal peace and prosperity to the entire world and who will rule over the entire world in the form of World Emperor Shri Narayan and World Empress Shri Lakshmi[18]; what the coming new world (paradise or Jannat) will be like and who will be the first two leaves of that heavenly world i.e. Shri Radha and Shri Krishna? Similarly, in the Advance Knowledge imparted through Prajapita Brahma since 1976, we have been told how the rehearsal of the entire 5000-year world drama takes place in the Confluence Age; who is the seed of the human creation; how all the seed-like and root-like souls[19] of every religion receive the true knowledge from that Ocean of knowledge in the Confluence Age and then how they establish their respective religions since the Copper Age; how the human souls take maximum 84 births and how the foundation, for their rise and fall in these births is laid in the Confluence Age. The Supreme Soul Himself gives directly the power, guidance and the teaching of the raja yoga, meaning the yoga creating the king of the kings, which is even higher than the godly knowledge.

God has come to this earth to bring the souls of all the religions back together uniting them with one thread and to re-establish the Ancient Deity Religion[20] which almost doesn’t exist now, meaning to transform the human beings into deities. Every man, Arjuna, should perform such actions that from a man he will become Narayan and every woman, Draupadi, should perform such actions that from a woman she will become Lakshmi[21]. There are two ways to achieve this target: the godly knowledge and the easy raja yoga (i.e. the remembrance of God). The advance training of this knowledge is given free of cost in the AIVV spiritual center in Kampila as well as in other AIVV spiritual centers and schools of the Gita in various states.

For many decades since the rise of science, man has been blindly using chemical fertilizers in order to make quick money. Although these artificial fertilizers increased the production, the pollution of Mother Nature and the earth has been increasing. Because of eating polluted food, the mankind has become both mentally and physically diseased. Hence in the late 90’s, the members of AIVV in Punjab-Hariyana and Kampila in Farrukhabad District of UP started a unique experiment of running in the remembrance of God the chemical-free farming as a part of the world transformation initiated by God Shiva. With the objective of putting into practice the principle ‘Like one’s food, like one’s thoughts’, in order to grow the pollution-free crops, spread pure vibrations in the world, transmit the Godly knowledge and enable the practice of the raja yoga, the AIVV members in above mentioned places started farming without chemical fertilizers, so that the intake of food free from pollution could ensure the physical and mental health. In this way, the task of purifying both the soul and nature was going on in AIVV. As a unique experiment, the members of AIVV themselves were cultivating the farm land in the remembrance of God. Refreshing the memories of ancient hermitage life, the residents of this farm used to perform tapasya through the practice of the karma yoga (remembrance of God while performing actions). They used to begin their day early in the morning[22], and after listening to the lesson of Godly knowledge and practice of meditation, they used to get busy in various farm related works in the remembrance of God. The task of purifying nature through the spiritual method was going on in the above mentioned Adhyatmik Krishi Farm in Punjab-Haryana without obstacles for approximately 8 years. The land over there has become barren because of the use of chemical fertilizers for decades. Through the hard work and love, using only bio-fertilizers, the members of AIVV managed to change that barren land into a fertile cultivable land. Unfortunately, the GFIL Company, from which this agricultural land was purchased on a collective basis, went bankrupt. After this, because of ongoing cases in many courts, the government took the land belonging to AIVV under their control. Due to this the auspicious task of purifying the soul, body and nature through the spiritual farming was disturbed. The case is pending for hearing in the Supreme Court and hence the government has forbidden farming activity in the above mentioned land. In this way, the main source of food for the members working for the world benefit, who live in AIVV as well as visit AIVV has been cut. The results of the hard work in bio-farming for 8 years are being wasted. On one hand the government encourages bio-farming, on the other hand it causes serious obstacles to it. We hope that till the positive settlement of all the cases, the government will permit the members of the AIVV to carry on with the farming and arrange for their food like it was before, so that the public could benefit from it.

Everyone who would like to experience the real peace, happiness and purity and become acquainted with the details about the secret role of the Supreme Father Supreme Soul Shiv is most welcome in our local ashrams.

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