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The Trimurti Shiva

The Trimurti Shiva – meaning

The Supreme Soul Shiva who is always in the incorporeal stage, incarnates in this world of human creation at the end of its cycle and during the 100-year Confluence Age he reveals himself through three murti (person) – the person of Brahma, the person of Shankar and the person of Vishnu. Through these three murti he accomplishes three tasks:

–   the creation of the new world through Brahma

–   the destruction of the old world through Shankar

–   the sustenance of the new world through Vishnu.

He himself shows how to act (through Brahma) as well as he has the others act according his will (through Shankar) and he appears as the combination of the purified male and female sanskars through Vishnu. In order to accomplish this, Shiva who is always incorporeal need a tool in the form of the human body. So, in the period of 100 years he needs two ‘chariots’. These tools are:

–   the body of the soul that is the heroine of this world scene, the body of Krishna in his last birth, meaning Brahma Baba

–   the body of the soul that is the hero of this world scene, the body of Rama in his last birth, meaning Prajapita.

These two souls are Prajapita & Brahma that is the Father and Mother of the world of human creation. Through these two souls, Shiva plays the role of the mother (through Krishna/Brahma) and the role of the father, teacher and supreme guide (through Ram/Prajapita).

In the next point below, there is ShivBaba’s class dedicated to the Trimurti Shiva on the basic level. After this a student can study to understand the Trimurti Shiva on the advanced level. The complete understanding of the Trimurti Shiva means the understanding of so called ‘the mystery’ about God, man, the beginning, middle and end of the human creation.

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